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Columbian La Verada

Posted on Oct 20, 2014 by in Medium Roast | 0 comments

Timothy’s Columbian La Verada Keurig K-Cup is a complex, vivacious coffee that makes a strong impression. A fruity undertone mixed with a hint of cocoa gives this brew a medley of flavours not often found in a medium roast Columbian coffee.

In researching this particular brew (a coffee as unique as this one deserves a good Googling), I learned that

“La Vereda is a specialty coffee produced, like most of Colombia’s coffees, on tiny, family-run farms, in this case, farms of the Embera Chami native community of San Lorenzo in the Department of Caldas. Timothy’s purchase of La Vereda coffee helps fund school room construction and other projects in San Lorenzo.”

(Courtesy of

… No wonder it tastes so good!

A quality medium-roast Columbian
  • Aroma
  • Body
  • Flavour


I'm a coffee traditionalist, but I also like the novelty of a new take on an established brew, and this coffee excels in both realms - a refreshingly novel approach to my beloved Columbian.


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