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About Single Cup Coffee


A glorious cup of warm coffee on a misty sun-kissed morning.

I’m a traditionalist, especially when it comes to my coffee.

There’s nothing quite like a quality scoop of freshly ground beans, brewed to perfection and poured with the confidence of knowing that I’ll be warmly delivered into the waking world as soon as that beautiful, dark nectar of alertness hits my bloodstream.

It’s been like this ever since my college days, when a good cup of coffee had the power to make or break my academic livelihood. Even now, as I toil at my grown-up day job, a good cuppa joe still makes my morning.

… That said…

K-cups made me inherently uneasy.

I saw them as a threat to my good, honest cup of traditionally brewed coffee.

My hippie friends weren’t keen on them either, what with all the waste they generated… And I really am trying my best to be a more conscientious consumer! But my coworkers were hooked, and soon enough a Keurig K-Cup machine replaced the old coffee maker at work.

I had to make a choice: Stick to my tried, tested and true method or give the Keurig an honest chance?

I took a chance and popped a K-cup of Columbia in the machine. Within 2 minutes, I was holding a steaming mug of coffee while debating whether or not to risk my Monday by going ahead and drinking this stuff that’s supposed to modernize my morning.

I took my first sip… And it was goooood.

I genuinely like the K-cup brews and totally understand what all the fuss is about now. The convenience and variety are hard to say no to, and my environmental guilt is somewhat relieved with the reusable K-Cup filter I bought at my local 1-stop K-Cup shop.

But at home, on weekends, I still make my morning cup the traditional way.

This site was started as a way of keeping track of all the first impressions of all the different K-cup brews we (i.e. my co-workers and I) find. Our supplier is DawsCo Coffee Service, which might explain why there are already so many reviews – these guys have a lot of choice! They ship anywhere in Canada, too. For a glance of what these guys have to offer, check out their online shop or, if you’re also looking for an office coffee service in Calgary, they do that too!

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